What do you Love About the Tech Industry?

February 12, 2020 | Katrina Hinrichsen


With Valentine's Day coming up and only a few weeks to go until Women in Tech Africa 2020 kicks off, we asked the African tech community what they love the most about working in the industry. Here's what you had to say:


"It never stands still. There's always new stuff on the horizon".

- Gail Sturgess, Agile Project Manager at TalentAlign, South Africa


"Itโ€™s the impact of the tech I am developing, the people and the job. Transitioning from arts to sciences was quite a challenging shift but very rewarding and for me to be in a space where I can learn and share my knowledge while still meeting very interesting, talented personalities in tech makes my job very exciting".

- Regina Nkemchor Adejo, Service Line Analyst (Engineer II) at Telnet Nigeria Limited


"For me it's because tech keeps on changing; learning something new keeps me going and the people in the tech industry make it interesting".

- Palesa Lerato Moraba, Project Assistant at Reflex Solutions, South Africa


"Being a 'techpreneur' is amazing because I get to work with amazing people and impact their lives. Each day is all about breaking new ground. Being in this industry has made me become embedded into a culture of movement, growth and advancement. I am passionate about this field of work as I have learnt to be creative and creativity breeds innovation, and innovation is ultimately rewarded. I also get opportunities to surround myself with like-minded creative types and I feel happy and fulfilled that I am in the right space". 

- Inonge Imasiku, Chief Executive Officer at Mangwee Payment Systems, Zambia


"I love the meaningful contribution of women not only in delivering the tech, but the active participation in ICT Policy. We are shaping the future through tech".

- Prudent Maxazi, Speaker, Technology Strategist and Advisor, the Founder and Convener of Eastern Cape Women in ICT Policy, South Africa



Thank you for sharing!

It's always great to hear what inspires you and makes you passionate about working in tech. Since there's still a long way to go in closing the gender gap in the sector, it's particularly important that women continually share their professional experiences and encourage other women to follow their career dreams.

Women in Tech Africa will be taking place on the 18-19 March, 2020 at the CCCC in Cape Town and we can't wait to welcome 1,200 current and future tech leaders there. The conference will be a lively space for you to hear from pioneering companies, share ideas, network with like-minded peers and boost your personal and professional development.

Make sure you don't miss out! There's only a few weeks to go until the event and there are limited passes still available... book your pass now and strengthen your love for the tech industry!


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