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Creating real change, together: Women in Tech Africa 2019 - A Note From the Producer

Women in Tech Africa 2019

The collective story of women in tech is far-reaching. The Women in Tech World Series has seen conferences in the UK, the United States, Europe and Australia, and whilst each location is different, we’ve seen one thing in each place: intelligent, talented and passionate women who love working in this industry.

That is why we’re so excited to expand the series further to Cape Town, South Africa.

Why should you join us at Women in Tech Africa 2019?

Women in Tech Africa is the most innovative gathering across the continent for tech professionals. This two-day event is specifically designed for those who are looking to leave their mark on the tech industry and create real, lasting change with remarkable work.

Africa has the fastest growing internet penetration rates, the most rapidly- growing middle class in the world and will house a quarter of the world’s working population by 2050! The power and potential of Africa’s digital economy is vast, fast and exciting to see, meaning there’s no better time to ensure you’re a part of the conversation!

This two-day event is specifically designed for the present and future game changers of the tech industry, and we’ve made sure that our agenda suits the needs of ambitious tech professionals looking to supercharge their careers, adapting to the latest changes in technology, and gaining the skills needed to thrive.

Following our extensive research identifying the core challenges of the African tech community, we’ve created an event that will truly reflect your needs.

By joining us in Cape Town, you’ll be at the forefront of the global community shaping the future for a more gender-diverse workforce. And you’ll be empowered with the skills, knowledge and connections needed to break the mould and reach your goals.

The time for hiding in the shadow of legacy stereotypes and technologies is over - join this pioneering new event, and bring your best self to our trailblazing community striving for real change!

I’m absolutely thrilled to launch Women in Tech Africa, and I hope you’ll join us there, too.

Women in Tech Africa is coming to Cape Town on 18-19 March 2019. To request a brochure, click here.